In the US, the heroes of a popular TV show was killed in a car crash

In the US, the heroes of a popular TV show was killed in a car crashOn Wednesday in Hollywood the bus in which the participants drove to the recording of popular TV show "Dr. Phil", crashed into a tree near the Church. 17 people received injuries of varying severity.According to police, around 10:45 at the bus in which there were 41 people, brakes failed and he drove off the road. He hit a parked car, struck a fence and crashed into a tree growing in the yard of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. The bus almost knocked one tall tree and stared at the other. His driver told me that I couldn't stop, probably due to failure of brakes. The woman escaped with a leg injury, according to the website "news of America".When the second bus arrived to take the passengers back to Ventura County, they refused to sit in it. Apparently, people were waiting for, when they will visit friends and relatives. They never came at the Studio of the TV show Dr. Phil McGraw, where people talk about how help themselves.The administration of the transfer glad with passengers nothing serious happened. She hoped that next time they get on the show without incident. The company that owns the bus, discovers the cause of the accident. Source: U.S. heroes of popular TV shows was killed in a car crash.

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