Pregnant `tattoo` has posed naked

Pregnant `tattoo` has posed naked Second child soloist of the popular group "t.A.T.u Julia Volkova's coming to light.Being "heavily pregnant", Julia never left the stage and didn't hide the belly, and finally photographed semi-Nude for men's magazine "Maxim". Yes, even in the arms of his beloved friend.The singer already grows three-year-old daughter Victoria, this time waiting for the boy. Second pregnancy Julia endured well, continued to act and to "Shine" on a variety of get-togethers... the father of the future child, the beloved "tattoos" Parviz - he has, incidentally, already has a child from ex-"fabricante" Masha Weber was trying not to leave her alone.Many were stunned at the news of the wedding of Julia Volkova...a few months after meeting, the couple decided to officially register the relationship. The lovers went to the UAE, where Dubai Julia accepted Islam, and witnessed a ceremony Muslim wedding Nikah ..At the ceremony, inviting relatives and close friends from show business there's no one. The couple didn't want to draw attention to their wedding, even removed his wedding ring when he returned to Moscow.The birth of the second baby Julia prepared in advance. Booked a chamber in Moscow perinatal Medical center, entered into a contract. Last Wednesday saw the doctor."A pregnant girl can be sexy! I shot to prove it..." said Julia in an interview with... "we Have many women use pregnancy as an excuse and a reason to look worse. As if it were a disease. Many get fat, stop hair dye. But one excuse: I'm pregnant! I think that we should still follow me..." - said the singer.Despite the candid photography "Volkova still believes that this is the tension - releasing serious, thoughtful albums, such as "People with disabilities" or "waste Management", and to show off in glamorous magazines.However, Julia had been exposed in front of the cameras, your rounded tummy... while shooting the soloist were holding hands and looked very friendly, despite the recent fights and misunderstandings.Girls argue that for 12 years and still not tired of each other... "We are like a family. We have some experiences... And if you point that we should flee? Will not wait...". Source: Pregnant "tattoo" has posed naked (photo).

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