83-year-old George Bush senior did a parachute jump

83-year-old George Bush senior did a parachute jumpFormer U.S. President George H. W. Bush celebrated the opening of the Museum in its own name the parachute jump, the Associated Press reports. The former President made the jump in tandem with an instructor army parachute team "Golden knights".The presidential Museum George Bush, located in the Texas city of College station was opened after the reconstruction, which lasted from April and it was worth 8.3 million dollars.Note that this is already the sixth jump 83-year-old former President of the USA. For the first time the father of the present head of the White house jumped with a parachute in 1944 when his warplane was shot down by the Japanese over the Pacific ocean.In 1999, Bush the elder thus celebrated its 75th anniversary, and five years later - in 2004, the 80-year anniversary. How ironic then noticed his wife Barbara Bush, "there is no worse fool than an old fool". Earlier, Bush announced his intention to make the jump and on its 85th anniversary in 2009.According to the "Guinness Book of records", the oldest skydiver in the world is the Australian Frank Moody, who jumped with a parachute at the age of 101 years. Source: 83-year-old George Bush senior did a parachute jump.

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