Stars emerging from moments of shame in 2007

Stars emerging from moments of shame in 2007 They say bad PR is also PR, but many stars can agree on that. Indeed, in 2007 last year happened to them the events about which they would most likely prefer not to remember, reports People magazine.Actor Alec Baldwin in a rage, yelled and insulted his 11-year-old daughter Aaland, calling her a "rude little pig", and then moved her mother Kim Basinger, calling her "hemorrhoids". The judge family court was so alarmed after hearing the recording, left Alec on the answering machine that temporarily banned the actor to see the child. Later, Baldwin apologized for his words.In an interview with the Danish telekanal to the question about the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend Melanie brown, Eddie Murphy replied: "I don't know whose child it is." However, in June the DNA test proved that he is a father to a little angel that was born in April of this year. Despite this, Murphy refused to see my daughter.Summer in the Internet appeared the shocking pictures, which the controversial actress Lindsay Lohan put a knife to the throat of his girlfriend, also an actress and mixing MTV, Vanessa, Minnillo. The photos were taken in 2006 at a party a few days before Lindsay the second time was in a drug treatment clinic.In June, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz during the inspection of the Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru appeared in public with a green bag, which sported a red star and the words in Chinese "Serve the people" is a famous political slogan of the leader of the Chinese Communists of Mao Zedong. In Peru the slogan evokes the Maoist group Shining path, which in the 80's-early 90-ies were killed in war with the government, which cost the lives of 70 thousand people. Peruvian human rights activists said that Cameron Diaz would be feeling and forced her to apologize.Video of naked and dead drunk David Hasselhoff lies on the floor in one of the hotels of Las Vegas and is eating a hamburger, surfaced in may and forced the former star of "Baywatch" to make a statement. "In connection with honest and positive relationship with my daughters who care for me, that night they recorded to show me what I was. The film was not intended to publish, but I hope that someone will learn from it, as did I," said the actor.After songwriters for pop group of the 70-ies of the Rubinoos sued Avril Lavigne, claiming that her hit Girlfriend is plagiarism on their song I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, the singer responded, writing on his website: "I have never heard of this song, and their arguments are based on just five words. All tracks have common words and emotions. Because we all speak the same language".Early in the year appeared on the Internet site available by subscription, on which proposed personal videos and photos of Paris Hilton, including very Frank. It turned out that two years ago during the journey Paris surrendered their personal belongings in storage, but forgot to pay, and its property was sold at auction. After going to court socialite managed to close down the site, but only for a while.In April Richard Gere publicly gave Indian actress Shilpa Shetty kiss to the big event in support of the campaign against AIDS, when held in Delhi. It is called in India a wave of indignation among the defenders of traditional moral standards. Protests spread across a number of cities. In new Delhi and in Mumbai they were accompanied by the burning of effigies of Gere and Shetty. The court even issued a warrant for the arrest of Gere, but not pursued. The actor had to publicly apologize for the incident.In September, the former husband of Pamela Anderson kid Rock got into a fight at the MTV Music Awards with another former husband of the star is Tommy Lee. And in October after the concert in Atlanta rocker was arrested for fighting at a local restaurant. Rocker came there along with her entourage and had an argument with one of the clients. He was charged with disorderly conduct.In September, shocking details emerged on trial custody, which continues between the former Hollywood spouses Denise Richards and Charlie sheen. Richards admitted the e-mails in which sheen is allegedly grossly offends her. Richards also stated that the Tires on the Internet shows his genitals and feels attracted to underage girls. Source: Stars who survived moments of shame in 2007 (photo).

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