S. took to the ice with pneumonia

S. took to the ice with pneumoniaCourage Busty singer and the participants of the show of the First channel "Ice age" can only envy. Anna Semenovich took to the ice with pneumonia and a temperature of 39В°.And only the girl partner Alexey Makarov and some project staff knew what is the price of Anya statement.A week ago Anna felt bad, but didn't pay attention to it. A few days later, her health deteriorated: he had fever and cough. But professional skater waved his hand and on it.Deciding that this was a common cold, she was self-medicating, but better it got. And only then she went to the doctors. Slanting cut out the time between rehearsals, she came to the hospital. In her clinic, and was "pleased" a diagnosis of pneumonia. Another on its place would lay in the hospital, but not Anya. Although training had to be limited and for three days she did not come to rehearsals - was treated.FeatWithin three days, Anna rest up at home and took the ice only on the day of filming, despite high temperature, bans doctors. She arrived shortly before the show and all the time was in the dressing room, where regularly come on duty in the pavilion "Mosfilm" the doctor and gave Semenovich antipyretic drugs. Before going on the ice she has collected will in a fist and well-skated program.Immediately after the speech, Anya went home, although it is usually the company colleagues during the weekly gatherings. As we admitted Anna herself, in the hospital she flatly refuses to go. The singer has decided to be treated on an outpatient basis. The doctors will come to her house and do all the necessary procedures.- I could not bring Alexis, Ilyusha, " said the mayor. - I got sick a week ago and they gave me to lie down for three days, I just can't let the people who are depending on me and trust me. I took a chance, and we normally skated. Now I have a week, try to stand up and fight for the victory, I'm not gonna give up. Source: S. took to the ice with pneumonia.

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