Philip suffers from unrequited love

Philip suffers from unrequited loveThe problem Kirkorov is as follows: a certain woman named Elena constantly ringing him on his mobile phone and sends an sms message, making life Philip unbearable. Deal with it he Kirkorov almost desperate, and policemen to attract fears.After the scandal with the "pink blouse" Philip actually became afraid of women."The woman obviously has been a shift, and this is still holding me back to not submit it to the police," says the artist. - Still a sick man. And again I will say: a man contacted the woman. If anything, I have all the messages are stored. I understand that it may all turn out and I'll make you a maniac. But if she doesn't stop, we'll have to deal with it".About Stalker to a man knows not so much. Woman 40 years old, she is very tall and thinks he is very beautiful, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". That's probably why she does not hesitate to offer the idol services of an intimate nature."At first I thought she was a decent person," said Philip. - I tried to talk to her. But when they finally realized she was insane, no longer respond. Here is the one downside of popularity. I thought that in 25 years you have to calm down on my account, but no! Excite I the minds and hearts. Meet people your art is crazy. I am not 20 years old, and I'm not Dima Bilan. Maybe I'm Elvis Presley.".

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