First love Alexander Abdulov

First love Alexander AbdulovAbout the life of the famous actor Alexander Abdulov seems to know almost everything. But now in the public domain and become previously unknown facts.So, a childhood friend of Alexander Gavrilovich from Fergana told about the first love of future celebrities. I must say that Abdulov was very popular in girls. He was a great little guitar Beatles songs and was very charming.Besides Gavrilovic, despite the glory of the bully in the relationship with the girls behaved like a real gentleman. Girls it was so treasured that were ready to assign to Sasha goodbye, was invited to the movies, dancing.For the first time really Alexander fell in love with 14 years in the classmate Natalia Nesmeyanova, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The girl replied Abdulov in return. However, lovers often swore."After such quarrels Sasha often asked us to call Natasha and tell her that he is good and that they need to make peace, said childhood friend Abdulov Rustam Madaliev. - He always worried because of their scandals. Once Sasha is seriously quarreled with Natasha and even ran away from home. Spent the night on the Playground. And we fed Sasha sandwiches prepared by his mother Lyudmila Aleksandrovna".This novel ended when when Abdulov entered GITIS and went to Moscow. Alexander and Natasha were talking on the phone, sometimes rewritten. Learning from the first year, Abdulov came to Fergana and, of course, went to Natasha. They say he called her to Moscow with him, but she refused. Since then, the pair didn't meet again. Natalia in the early 90s went from Fergana and since then nothing is known about her.Alexander Abdulov is now happy with his young wife Julia. She is the little daughter of Eugene give the actor the strength to cope with serious illness. Recall, the doctors diagnosed Abdulov lung cancer. But to surrender the actor is not going to, and he still has a chance of beating the disease. Source: First love Alexander Abdulov.

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