Jane Seymour sold the house because of the fight with neighbors

Jane Seymour sold the house because of the fight with neighborsThe actress sold her country house after years of quarrels with neighbors due to loud parties, hosted at her residence.About 56-year-old actress, who in 1973 co-starred in her role as James bond, and in Russia became famous thanks to the TV series "Dr. Quinn - medicine woman doctor", her neighbors speak only as of "neighbor from hell". In the house stars throwing loud parties, and block the road dozens of guest machines.In his house, located in the English city of bath, Jane Seymour lives just three months out of the year. The actress has decided to sell the house, even though that won a lawsuit against the neighbors who filed a claim on it. The amount for which the house was sold, were not disclosed. It was rumored that the 700-year-old mansion is ready for £10 million ($20 million) to buy a Russian businessman, however, the buyer has remained unknown.In any case, the neighbors Seymour was pleased with the outcome of the case. They claim that the identity of the new owner they are not interested, at least until then, until the house is used for parties or any commercial purposes.Rented a house in one of the films, where he played Seymour. The mansion she liked it so much that in 1984 she bought it for £350 million ($700 thousand), and then, for many years, invested in a house your money. While the actress and her husband lived in Malibu, they handed over a house to rent at £28 million ($56 thousand) per week. Source: Jane Seymour sold the house because of the fight with neighbors.

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