Dying Princess Diana held the hand of a bystander

Dying Princess Diana held the hand of a bystanderA dying Princess Diana is found in a broken-down car by the passerby. He took the woman's arm, trying to calm her down, but she was already unconscious.This was announced on Monday during a court session on the case of the death of the Princess and Dodi Fayed, writes The Times (the full text on site InoPressa).Abdelatif Regel and his friend bensayah Bouzid said that on August 31, 1997 after midnight passed in front of the entrance to Paris's Alma tunnel when he heard a thump. Yesterday their testimonies, these French investigators were read to a jury in the High court in London.Men rushed to the broken car, surrounded by photographers. Regil saw the driver Henri Paul, who died at the wheel, and the rear seat is considered Fayed - he also was dead. A passerby opened the back door and found on the floor of the car a woman with blond hair, which was driven by hand."She repeated something like, "Lord, Lord," said the witness. In response, the man took her by the hand and tried to calm down, saying in English: "don't worry". She opened her eyes, but didn't answer me, just continued to move his hand. I think she was unconscious".The representative of Mohammed al-Fayed: the alcohol could cause an accidentPreviously John Searle, a specialist in road traffic, working at the Ritz, owned by the father of Dodi Fayed Mohammed, told the court that someone had intended to kill the Princess and Dodi Fayed, making it look like an accident, the Alma tunnel would be a perfect place for this. The tunnel threat, because concrete pillars between the oncoming lane is not protected by a fence. Earlier, representatives of the al-Fayed had already put forward the version of premeditated murder.The French authorities and the investigation team from London on the results of own investigations clearly indicated that Paul was drunk and lost control. However, Dr. Searle argues that the level of alcohol in the body of the driver is only twice higher than the allowed rate, and according to statistics it only slightly increases the risk of an accident during such a short trip."The risk exists but it is small, the chance of having an accident is still one in many thousands," said Dr. Searle. "So you're saying that if... the driver was drunk twice as bad as permitted by law, in your opinion, it is not connected with this tragedy?" - asked the judge. "Briefly, Yes," said the specialist.Al-Fayed senior hired a large group of lawyers, who must prove the theory that the couple was killed by British intelligence agents on the orders of the Duke of Edinburgh.Hearing about the death of Princess Diana began at the Royal court in London in October under the chairmanship of Scott Baker. Estimated lawyers, they can last from four to six months. Source: Dying Princess Diana held the hand of a bystander.

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