Lolita terribly stout because of the stress

Lolita terribly stout because of the stressThe singer admitted that the best gift on her birthday was a meeting with a young daughter, Eva, with whom Lola from the tight tour schedule is seen very rarely.- Imagine, the governess brought my daughter right on the set of the Kiev television, where on this day, I removed the transmission, smiles Lolita. - It was a real surprise!His 43rd birthday, the singer met on recording his new author's project "Ukraine, howay!" ("Hide, Ukraine!").- I came up with this transfer, arrived in Kiev and shoot it, " said Lolita. - This is my gift to myself. And I shoot her in the Ukraine, because here the climate is milder and kinder people than in Moscow.GiftsAlexander Zarubin, husband of Lola, was unable to visit her for the holiday."My husband is on a business trip," said Lolita. But he is the first one congratulated me and warned that a gift waiting for me at home in a Moscow apartment. While I don't know what is! I love surprises! Back from a tour - will continue to be my birthday!- Honestly, I'm so tired, " suddenly confessed artist. The doctors put me on a strict diet and sleep, because I had a hormonal breakdown. The doctors said it was a reaction of my body to exhaustion. I gained 10 extra pounds. Many even think that I'm waiting for replenishment. It would be great of course! But instead of pregnancy is waiting for me treatment. Vitamins, drip... the Body is under stress, it produces not a single drop of water, nothing. I almost never eat fattening but... Jesus, quickly all I have to mend. It's my greatest wish for today! Source: Lolita terribly stout because of the stress.

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