Sergey Bezrukov forgot his grandmother

Sergey Bezrukov forgot his grandmotherThe question of why the actor Sergey Bezrukov and his wife Irene never showed a child in common, are very concerned about all the relatives of the actor. Especially going through his parents and elderly grandmother.Grandma Sergei Ekaterina Alekseevna lives in the city of Lyskovo Nizhny Novgorod region. Star grandson she rarely sees, but is very worried about him.Wife of Sergey grandma happy, although they had seen only once."Year in 2003, probably," said the old lady. - We liked it. He then hugged his grandfather, said: "Didulica, not pain. Going to come to you". But it never came. Grandpa-they then both last seen".Since then Sergey grandma almost did not appear. Didn't have time the artist has to come to the funeral of his grandfather, writes "Express newspaper". However, Catherine A. grandson not offended and wishes him and his wife all the best. Most, of course, an elderly woman wants to see great-grandchildren. Yes, and the mother of Sergei Natalia Bezrukova want to baby-sit the children of the son."It's a pity that kids don't have them, complains grandmother Bezrukov. He says, "All I have, lacking only a child." And Natasha sighs: "We would grow! What we both need? Everything for the baby was doing!" Yes and I wish Seregina to see the baby. Don't know, will. Because Ira on his nine years older! Maybe she does not want".We will remind, Irina already has an adult son from a previous marriage with actor Igor Livanov."Someone said to me, "Ekaterina Alekseevna, it must be so says: here give him a baby, so he will be much more loving than my son." In General, I don't know anything. Experiencing only - shared Ekaterina Alekseevna. - And only parents-how many nights not sleeping, hard it was for them to suffer all of that. Yes it would be nice though to them was, visit more often, it could have settled. Serezha's such a kind, don't hurt neither Ira nor her son. And I still pray that God give him a baby." Source: Sergei Bezrukov forgot his grandmother.

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