Swimming champion `lit up` in the Network naked

Swimming champion `lit up` in the Network naked French swimmer Laura Manadhoo, world record holder, has not the joyful moments of his life. Despite winning two races in Debrecen, which last week passed the European championship on short water, Laura now not to be envied.The laurels of the champion couldn't save the girl from scandal, but rather only fueled interest in the personal life of Laura.Not only is she in this competition fell out with his former lover Italian swimmer Luca Marin, so more photos of her in the Nude and videos by strange coincidence, appeared on the Internet, the newspaper "Soviet sport".Luca Marin, in turn, claims that has no relation to the publication of intimate photos of his former girlfriend.It all started with the fact that on Sunday, December 16, Laura Manadhoo threw away the ring, given to her by Luke, his eyes in the presence of other swimmers in the locker room.Luca Marin said: "I don't know anything about this case. Just saw the photos. Yes, it seems that this is really her photos, but it is funny to think that I posted them on the Internet.And I'm not insulted her publicly, as they say. It's all fake. I just said she made an ugly thing, throwing the ring, and that I am happy that she is no longer my girlfriend," said the swimmer.In turn, the mother of the athletes reported that they knew about the scandal, but could not confirm that the photo is indeed the Laura Manadou, as have not discussed with my daughter about this topic. The girl said that is not going to comment on the scandal.In fact, it is difficult to comment on these pictures. Source: swimming Champion "lit up" in the Network naked (photo).

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