`Rambo 4` and other new Russian cinema

`Rambo 4` and other new Russian cinemaOne of the most anticipated comebacks of the cinematic season was the appearance on the screens of John Rambo in a memorable performance of the actor Sylvester Stallone in an exciting Thriller about the conflict in Burma "Rambo 4".In addition, the Russian audience this week expects parodies Comedy from the residents of Comedy Club "the best film", replete with jokes about drugs and sex. Also on the screen comes a painting party at the Venice film festival "the Darjeeling limited" about how the three brothers after the death of his father went to India to understand the meaning of life, writes "Time of news".One of the most anticipated comebacks of the cinematic season was the appearance on the screens of John Rambo in a memorable performance of the actor Sylvester Stallone. At this time, the veteran interrupt his seclusion in Thailand to rescue a group of missionaries, whom he held to the territory of Burma - one of the most dangerous and troubled countries on the globe. After Stallone very successfully revived his other iconic character, rocky Balboa, that "Rambo 4" will be a success, no doubt.Appeared on the Internet last year, fragments of the film made a crushing impression - this level scenic violence (including the head-knocking with their bare hands and shot the villain in the blank with a machine gun) allowed themselves not all the masters of horror films. Though time has left its mark not only in the fact that Stallone is noticeably aged: fourth series already appears Colonel Trautman in the performance of Richard Krenn and not the music of Jerry goldsmith - the actor died in 2003, composer - in 2004.In the Russian hire "Rambo 4" is published simultaneously with all other countries. Only in Moscow the painting will be on display in 60 theaters. Distributors are confident that the halls will be filled, because on the screen the audience will meet again with Sylvester Stallone, who has acted as Director, ITAR-TASS reported.Itself Stallone, speaking about the idea of the film, notes that "wanted, first of all remove the last tape about something very important." "I didn't want to make an entertaining movie, or talk about drugs or about the theft of the jewels," he says. - My goal was a picture of humanity and humanity".So, in the last few years, the Director and producers have read a lot of scripts about Rambo. The discussions focused on military conflicts in Iraq, Sudan and Colombia. But still they stayed on the conflict less known to the General public. Stallone specifically contacted the UN and asked the question: "Where most human rights are violated?". And thus, find out what is happening in Burma.The Karen ethnic group living in Burma, many decades fighting for independence. In 1947 Karen formed the Karen national Union for the struggle for independence, since then they have been affected by the ongoing genocide.The novel, which, shot the first film, was released in 1972. Ten years later, in 1982, he published the first picture of Rambo. Since then Rambo became a symbol of a strong, steadfast soldier who fights against oppression and injustice.According to Stallone, Rambo in the fourth part is not what it was 20 years ago. "Years passed, life had exhausted, he became softer, he became the man in a case," explains the actor. However, not only its relevance and the difficulty will attract viewers this picture. In the shooting attended by 500 people, and a film base was selected the historic city of Chiang Mai is the second largest in Thailand.The shooting took place in the harsh climatic conditions: tropical rain, hail, storms and even floods. The band racked up an incredible heat and suffocating humidity, but the audience that the screen will not see, because on the painting worked a team of professionals. Main partner Stallone in the film became a famous actor Matthew Marsden.In the Russian Comedy "the best film" at his own wedding specific boy Vadik (Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov) gives up his soul to God and is in a very specific purgatory, where the Secretary of the Almighty (Armen Dzhigarkhanyan) invites him to remember all disordered life - childhood, military service, criminal business dashing 90's, a glamorous zero. Satirical Comedy in the spirit of "Naked gun" and "Hot shots", which ridiculed with varying degrees of success last domestic film and telecity: both "Watch", "9 Rota", "My fair nanny", "Team", "Boomer", "Truckers" and so on.In the project's success with viewers no doubt - over the "best film" worked popular the residents of Comedy Club. The principal drawback of the film was the choice of role model. Although in an interview with the creators constantly remembered classics of the genre like brothers Zokirov, it is quite obvious that they were much more inspired by the example of very different brothers - Ulyanov, the creators of the movie "don't be a menace to South Central" and "scary movie". From them "the best film" some annoying jokes about drugs, and gastrointestinal gags and fairly straightforward view of sexual relations.The new film from one of the most talented American Directors of our time, Wes Anderson's "Darjeeling limited" three brothers (Jason Swatman, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody) after the death of his father travel to India, wanting to understand the main metaphysical questions of life and try to find its parent, which, in their opinion, gets reincarnated into a white leopard.The film participated in the competition program of the last Venice and remained without awards, but in no case does not mean that he is not worthy of attention, and very careful - this combination of humor, feeling, lyricism and psychological truth of the characters, like Anderson, it's hard to remember. Source: "Rambo 4" and other new Russian cinema.

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