Sarkozy threw a tantrum right in front of the camera

Sarkozy threw a tantrum right in front of the cameraFor a short time of his tenure as the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy managed to get in several scandals.The world learned some details about the private life of the President and his first lady just at the moment when they decided to terminate their marriage. Subjects were shocked by the intricate relations settled in the Elysee Palace collection, which resembled the intensity of the dramatic events of the famous series "Santa Barbara". It is not surprising that Nicolas Sarkozy has recently started to take the nerves.Recently a politician snapped in a live broadcast television. In an interview in news program "60 minutes" on the American TV channel CBS, the French President in an expressive form refused to tell reporters about his private life. Sarkozy even ended the conversation when talking about his wife Cecilia. Presenter Leslie Stahl was shocked for the sudden form of refusal to continue the conversation.The French leader is generally a tough nut to crack for American broadcasters, he even before the program has stated publicly that he has too many Affairs to participate in such projects, namely in "silly discussions". Sarkozy also said that his press Secretary is an idiot, agreed to an interview on such a busy day. Leslie Stahl started his talk show, however, is more or less planned the course of conversation with Sarkozy had been violated.However, some time the head of France responded quite vigorously leader - and while it was about Sarkozy's political career and international relations, in particular, the American-French. This block of questions was included in the plan interview specifically: the program started just to show American viewers "new friend" of the US.Recording was carried out at the Elysee Palace on October 10, and aired the talk show was released on 28 October. But at a time when there were shooting, the official announcement of the divorce four Sarkozy has not yet been done, so the journalist decided to ask the French President a few questions on a personal subject. In particular, Stahl asked Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the rumors about Cecilia breaking. It also placed the head of the French state."If I wanted to talk about Cecilia, I would have done it anywhere, but not here," he said and left the set. Recall that this is not the first time that Sarkozy is so emotionally responded to attempts by the media to invade his private life.Last summer, in August, spending holidays at American lake at the invitation of George Bush, the President of France very aggressive gave back the two correspondents, sailing by boat to his boat. Sarkozy long chastised them in a raised voice, but because he spoke French, journalists realized only his dissatisfaction with what is happening. Source: Sarkozy threw a tantrum right in front of the camera.

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