Lohan has found a partner for sex without commitment

Lohan has found a partner for sex without commitment21-year-old "mean girls" Lindsay Lohan ("Freaky Friday") continues to collect men. Now that her film career is close to a complete collapse, the girl seems to have more to do and you nothing.For the last three months in bed Lohan, according to incomplete statistics, visited six men. None of them stayed for a week. Have sex with a casual partner - snowboarder Riley a basic understanding of windy Lindsay managed even in a rehabilitation center, where he struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.The past week brought a new affair. This time Lohan resumed relations with movie star Heath Ledger ("a knight's tale" and "Brokeback mountain"). They are already familiar for several months, but a stormy affair broke just now. Couple Dating in new York hotels, both no secret that binds them only sex. Visits rarely last more than two hours.Express newspaper (#50) Source: Lohan has found a partner for sex without commitment.

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