Brad pitt refused to shoot in the political Thriller

Brad pitt refused to shoot in the political ThrillerHollywood actor brad pitt refused to shoot in the political Thriller Universal's State of Play because of problems with the script.Pitt made such a decision after two weeks of negotiations with Director Kevin MacDonald ("Last king of Scotland"), who tried to persuade the star Trio to star in the film. Edits to the script, some things which are not liked pitt, and at the moment can not be made because of the writers ' strike, reports ReutРµrs.Now Universal have to find a new actor to the status of brad pitt. According to sources, the Studio plans to start negotiations with johnny Depp, also affected due to the writers ' strike - the film about the adventures of a drug addict "Shantaram" delayed due to the fact that the script was not approved. In addition, as a potential actor for the main role in State of Play Universal is considering Russell Crowe.Pitt was supposed to play in the film, together with such famous actors as Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn. The author of the script of the film adaptation of British TV BBC drama written by Matthew Michael Carnahan.The film tells the story of the Congressman who will play Norton, and journalist, guiding his election campaign (pitt). After the murder of the mistress of a Congressman, a journalist begins to conduct his own investigation.A source at Universal announced that the Studio intends to protect its rights and may serve on brad pitt in the court. Meanwhile, Universal has officially confirmed the departure of pitt from the project: "brad pitt left the film State of Play film company Universal Pictures. Despite this we will continue to work on the project and will not let the Director, actors, crew and everyone involved in the making of the picture.We will remind, the General strike of the writers started on 5 November. October 31 at midnight had expired the previous three-year contract between the studios and the writers. The main difficulties in concluding a new agreement arose around the section of Commission funds from the production of films, TV movies and series on latest media or through high-tech means of communication.Economists estimate that the strike threatens the American film industry grandiose losses that may exceed $ 1 billion. Previous writers strike took place in Hollywood in 1988. It lasted about six months and cost the Studio at least 500 million dollars.Note, due to the strike already frozen the movie "Pinkville" the famous Director Oliver stone. Shooting should begin in December in South-East Asia. Also suspended work on the prequel of the Da Vinci Code - the movie "Angels and demons". The second film based on novels by American writer Dan brown has become the first victim of large-scale strikes in the world of cinema. Before this stopped shooting several TV shows, in particular, the "frozen" production of new episodes of "Desperate Housewives". Source: brad pitt refused to shoot in the political Thriller.

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