Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde

Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde Lolita scandal filming the Christmas tale "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors", where she plays the role of the young Frenchwoman.Is blondinette make me look fat! said the actress, when make-up artists gave her a blonde wig. Ever you me change hairpiece or I'm leaving! For this role I made a special makeup with light reflecting sequins, which is ideal for black hair color and you make me want to ruin it.As a true Mademoiselle, the singer has made "Phi", and throwing away the hated wig, retired from the set.We make sure to keep half the town, but did find a black wig, " says the designer Alina German. - Indeed, the black color is much better suited for lolita. Source: Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde (photo).

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