Stas Pieha doesn't want to be empty `Popovica`

Stas Pieha doesn't want to be empty `Popovica`The graduate of "factory of stars" and grandson of the famous grandmother Stas Pieha on stage, playing mostly with songs that are considered to be "pop". However, the young man is preparing to show himself, to which no one has ever seen."Honestly, "pop music" no love, I'm in it temporarily," says the singer. Stas is busy preparing for publication his first book of poems, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Over these poems, the artist worked in the last ten years."I want to draw some line under a certain period of his life and move to another, more adult, perhaps. On the other hand, I want to show people that I'm not empty "Popovic" who can sing other people's songs," says Stas Pieha.His repertoire includes quite a few songs with lyrics of his compositions. "But it is a rarity," says Stas. - If a tune to lay down quickly, so you did it, if it starts hard work - give to others without regret - it's not mine."Poetry is my life: sun and clouds, with doubts and insights, in contemplation and confusion - I'm learning to live, try yourself to peace! - Frank the singer. - This book is for those who are interesting I like people. Who wants to know more about me. I guess I will just give it to friends". Source: Stas Pieha doesn't want to be empty "Popovica"".

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