Paul Will be leaving the Comedy Club

Paul Will be leaving the Comedy ClubThe most popular resident comic project Comedy Club leaving the show, informs "Your day".As it became known to the edition, from reliable sources, Pavel Volya, Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov, Vadim Galygin, Timur "Chestnut" Batrutdinov and Tair Mamedov decided to try out some solo projects.The very first of the star project took pet girls curly Tair that during conversations with the leadership explained their care is simple: he does not see for itself prospects. He did not yield to any entreaties of the producers of the show to stay even for a while.Care Tair pushed to such a step and the other project participants. For example, Vadim Galygin for a long time, despite the dissatisfaction of the producers of the show, and participates in projects of other channels. In the left side and the other stars - Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov and "glamorous bastard" Shantel.As told one of the managers of the Comedy Club, who asked to remain anonymous, Kharlamov wants to try their hand at a different genre - cinema. He can already boast some roles, and is currently considering new scenarios.Did not wish to remain in the project and Pavel Volya. He decided to leave which made him the runaway success of the show one of the most recent. According to artist managers, Pasha realized that working for someone, he will not be able to fully realize their creative potential, and the financial plan working on custom events and participation in various shows bring the resident much more profit than in a Comedy Club."I'm not going to comment on his departure," admitted the Will. - I'm in Austria, and if anything I will say, it was only on his return to Russia." Now Will is still officially listed as a resident of the club, but the actor is already looking for a lease moves. Paul starred in his own project "Laughter without rules", the finalists of which will be employed on the place of departed residents. Also Will regularly participates in projects and MTV, where he was invited as guest of honour.The only one whose fate is not clear, is Timur Kashtan the Batrutdinov. The desire to leave the project he expressed together with the other residents, but haven't found a decent alternative activities. Source: Paul Will be leaving the Comedy Club.

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