For jeep Pugacheva bandits came from Kaluga

For jeep Pugacheva bandits came from KalugaFor "land-cruiser" that Alla Borisovna bought in September, members of a gang of car thieves were closely monitored before you decided to hijack.Bandits came to the capital from Kaluga to steal her car.All the Moscow police Department dispatched orientations, which are communicated to the signs of the hijackers. Operatives known that the purpose of criminals are VIP-owners of the jeep brand, "Land cruiser". Despite this, time to stop intruders failed and their first victim was Alla Pugacheva.Theft31-year-old driver divas Vladimir Popov hooked up to the car "Toyota land cruiser" silver by proxy. The very same car belongs to Alla Borisovna.On the night of Monday to Tuesday Vladimir returned home about 4 hours a night in his native village of Filimonki and put the car in the yard at the usual place. Coming from the house around 6 a.m., he saw no car, and chain fencing Parking lot, deflated.Neighbor Popov - 54-year-old Lyubov Belova three weeks ago I began to notice that someone is watching dishwasher Vladimir Anatolievich.- In our village mostly pensioners, " says Lubov. - And here some young lean men, 23 - 25 years. I know that Volodya Alla Borisovna works, but how do they know?NeighborApparently, the thieves are tracked down where and who carries Popov.- I several times a day I go for a walk with the dog, continues Lubov. "Sure, you know all the tenants, and no unauthorized person will not escape my attention.A vigilant resident of the village gave evidence which showed that regularly in the yard began to appear suspicious young men."They arrived on the "Lada", - said Belov. And then on one machine, then another.Mysterious strangers could come late at night and early in the morning, and in broad daylight. I would immediately tell where they belong, yeah I never took them seriously. If you hang in the yard, smoke and leave. Like anyone didn't do anything wrong...SurveillanceOn Sunday at 6.00 am Lubov, as usual, removed the dog for a walk.It was still gloomy.- About 7 hours when Vladimir got out of the house and went to work, " recalls neighbor, - after his car went "nine" with two guys. I told my wife Volodya Jeanne.A neighbor told me about his suspicions that the car will definitely want to steal.But Jeanne said that the jeep Alla Borisovna equipped with satellite alarm that even if thieves climb, it will jam and it will not go. By the way, our Gannochka - big fan Pugacheva, she's even in the hall hangs a large portrait of Alla.Lubov still threw in parting, they say, still be vigilant.JeepOn the night of Monday to Tuesday at Lyubov Nikolaevna had insomnia and she spent her crossword puzzles.At around 4 a.m. she heard in the yard "came the voice of the alarm.- Sorry, I didn't realize this, because I didn't hear the car start. Perhaps its just rolled, not a factory engine.At 7.10 a.m. it came Zhanna Popova and told the sad news that the jeep diva stole."We immediately called the police," says Lubov. Jeanne said that 15 minutes could not get through to the company, which provides satellite alarm: no one picked up the phone.PugachevVladimir Popov six years worked as a driver Kristina Orbakaite.- The schedule was heavy the husband, " says Jeanne. - He often lost at work from 7 am until late in the evening. Sometimes worked on weekends when Christina or one of her relatives called Volodya. Drove most often sons of Christina - Nikita and Danny. Took them on rides to the country with the nanny. The spouse was not satisfactory, so he took to his Alla.Anna, mother-in-law Vladimir, says:- Work Pugacheva he really likes. He was very proud of this work and for his theft was a real shock - he had never in all this time not jacking cars...In the interests of the investigation all the details about the gang and its members now not make public. But according to "Your DAY" a source in law enforcement bodies, this "team" specializes in thefts from VIPs and its traces are drawn in Kaluga.- We connected our colleagues in Kaluga, " confirmed the source. Search operations are conducted in the most careful way. Source: Behind the jeep Pugacheva bandits came from Kaluga.

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