Nicole Kidman fixated on your sores

Nicole Kidman fixated on your soresAustralian actress Nicole Kidman told us that grew up in a family of doctors and is very kind to your health.The biggest enemy to your health Kidman believes the sun. "I never go out in the sun without protective cream. In my childhood I had skin cancer, I removed part of the tissue on the foot. Since then, I have an irrational fear of the sun. In addition, it accelerates the aging!" - quoted 40-year-old actress Hollyscoop.Recently Nicole and told about the problems in the female part. At the time, went to considerable speculation about the absence of her with Tom cruise children, the very same pair always avoided this question. As writes the New York Post, Nicole admitted that she was pregnant from her ex-husband, but the pregnancy was ectopic. "It was for me a real injury! I was worried about that," he shared with reporters the mother of two adopted children. Nicole admits that she really wants children from her current husband, country singer Keith urban. It is unknown how this desire is feasible, because just a few months ago Kate was released from the rehab clinic where he was treated for alcoholism.Nicole Kidman keeps repeating that he never did plastic surgery and very proud of it. "All my looks completely natural. I take care of myself, don't smoke, use protective creams. The only surgery that I went is laser vision correction. It was so bad!" - said the actress. Meanwhile, many do not believe in her sincerity on this issue, Recalling that she used to be a snub, but now this little blemish on the perfect face Nicole is not observed. Source: Nicole Kidman fixated on your sores.

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