Depression divorce brought Baskov to the hospital

Depression divorce brought Baskov to the hospitalThe scandal around the family quarrel of the singer with his wife undermined the health of Nicholas - the "Golden voice of Russia" was forced to seek help from doctors.Suffering a break with his wife Svetlana Baskov became one of the elite clinics in Europe.Throughout the week, the doctors brought order to the shattered nervous system of the Russian stars and conducted a full examination of the body. Local doctors prescribed sedatives and advised to limit contact with people. In the example he cited a disappointing story to his colleagues, the Mexican tenor Rolando Villazon.The singer, who last year survived a scandalous divorce from his wife, was so beaten down that almost a year has lost his voice! commented on "Your DAY" one of the doctors clinic. - To repeat his fate Baskov is not worth it.HospitalThe clinic, which turned singer, he was recommended to friends. It really is considered one of the best in Europe. It is a cozy hotel, where Nikolai had a Suite. Calm and measured atmosphere allowed the singer to at least a few days to forget about family troubles and fully concentrate on her health. As told "Your DAY" at the clinic, Nicholas seven days clearly fulfilled the recommendations of doctors and attended the necessary procedures. During the day he made the rounds of doctors ' offices, and the evenings spent with my mother Elena Nikolaevna, who came to support only son in difficult times.That singer is on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown, is the fact that for the last month he has lost seven pounds. Nicholas, yesterday celebrated his 31st birthday, though reluctantly, but still on medication and continues to do, even a discharge from the clinic. He also performs other instructions of the doctors. For example, he sharply restricted communication even on the phone, so as not to strain the ligaments. He now communicates only with the closest people who can be counted on the fingers.BarcelonaOn the eve of his birthday Basques arrived in Barcelona.There he said yesterday his birthday. Certainly not as luxurious and fun as it celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. As found "Your DAY", nor the spouse of the singer nor his relatives are unable to congratulate Nicholas - mobile phone Baskov was unavailable for communication. Source: Depression divorce brought Baskov to the hospital.

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