Queen of beauty sprayed pepper spray

Queen of beauty sprayed pepper sprayIn Puerto Rico unknown attackers sprayed pepper spray, clothes and cosmetics beauty Queen to break her statement, reports AP.Despite this, the 24-year-old Ingrid Marie Rivera, beating 29 other contestants, won and became the representative of Puerto Rico in the Miss universe 2008, although she had to use the bad to wear makeup and dress, spattered pepper spray, said the representative of the contest Harold Rosario.In front of the cameras and judges Rivera was held on bravely, but, having gone backstage, she takes off her clothes and put ice to the face and body swollen and covered with a rash."We first thought it was an allergic reaction, or nervous. But then we began to doubt," said Rosario.Later on clothing Rivera and her makeup was discovered pepper spray.Also, someone stole the bag Rivera with her dresses, makeup and credit cards. But because of the threat of a bomb, the organizers were forced to postpone the final, told the Magali Fable, contest Director.The organizers said that they hope to catch intruders. According to them, they are investigating on their own and had not contacted the police.Beauty pageants in Puerto Rico, women who five times won the title of "Miss universe" held in conditions of tough competition. However, to sabotage it never led, says Rosario.Rivera, who in 2005 won the title of Miss World Caribbean, from the beginning of the contest was surrounded by scandals. Rivals complained that she's too experienced and should be disqualified. Local media predicted a victory that evoked the jealousy of rivals, says Rosario. When Rivera did win, rivals accused her that she bought the crown. Source: Queen of beauty sprayed pepper spray.

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