J. K. Rowling broke down in tears, remembering his impoverished past

J. K. Rowling broke down in tears, remembering his impoverished pastBritish author JK Rowling cried when visiting the apartment where at the time he wrote the first novel of the epic Harry Potter series, said Sunday the British TV channel "sky news".At a time when Rowling was born the idea of the first book about the boy wizard "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone, she was a single mother, barely making ends meet on public assistance.And here, now one of the richest women Britain Rowling decided to visit the apartment in Edinburgh, where she was at that difficult time and which is not so far from its current luxury homes.Wiping her tears, the writer admitted that he was amazed to see on the shelves among the new tenants books about Potter."Oh, look, books about Harry Potter. Now it's so strange to see. After all, this is the room in which I finished writing the novel "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone!", "said Rowling."This is where I completely turned his life around. My destiny has really changed in this apartment," admitted the writer.Touching footage depicting "the return" Rowling on the place of conception of the epic about Potter, the British will be able to see in the writer documentary TV channel ITV1."Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone was rejected by 12 publishing houses while their attention on the novel did not pay the publishing house Bloomsbury. After the publication of the first books about the young wizard and his friends from the Hogwarts school in the world began "pottermania".Seven books in Rowling published with a total circulation of more than 325 million copies and have been translated into 64 world language. July 21 was published in the final book of the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows", October 13, in Russian stores appeared its Russian translation. Source: J. K. Rowling broke down in tears, remembering his impoverished past.

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