Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnant

Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnantDesigner Roberto Cavalli has officially confirmed what the rumor for several months: Jennifer Lopez really pregnant.As a person that develops clothing for the famous singer and actress, he as no one else needs to know.The question журналаPeople about what types of clothes he invents for his famous clients, he said, "Jennifer Lopez, for example, currently requires very special clothes, because she is pregnant"."It is very difficult, because every week it becomes more and more," added the designer Tuesday in new York to demonstrate their vodka under the brand Roberto Cavalli Vodka, which he now produces.Cavalli has designed for 38-year-old singer's many wide and loose outfits. "Jennifer Lopez is a singer and a dancer," says Cavalli. - Most of the performers for their tours want to get very loose clothing so that they can move freely".Meanwhile, press Secretary Lopez refused to comment on statements by Roberto Cavalli. Source: Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnant.

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