Alexander Kushnir found a replacement Zemfira

Alexander Kushnir found a replacement ZemfiraThe stars of show business, these by themselves do not become, even the most talented didn't make it themselves - an axiom. And when I accidentally catch the edge of the ear "he had made himself", that quiet smile, looking mainly at the floor.Because there are artists and there are people who "made", even if these people were given to him by circumstances, and only pushed a talent on the rise.So messy and rude I'm talking about the producers and PR people. And I mean that one of the main events of the last week was the birthday of one of the main publicists of Russia. To his twenty-ninth birthday Alexander Kushnir (known journalist, publicist, statesman of show business) published the book "the Headliners".Indeed, his PR Agency "Kushnir Production" is a major supplier of "star" of news occasions in almost all media, as among his clients you can find the names of a good half of the artists and players of our show business. That's about the most-most, about "their" headliners, Kushnir and wrote the book, so to speak, to show people how it really is. The main characters of the book are: may tea, Boris Grebenshikov, Ilya Lagutenko, Maxim Fadeev, Zemfira, Glucose, Leonid Burlakov, Ilya Kormiltsev.What does "may tea"? Explain. First, the so-called first, the conceptual Chapter of the book, while the remaining chapters bear the names of their heroes. Secondly, under the code "may tea" I mean that the main character of the book is its author, Alexander Kushnir, through the artistic perception of the world which the reader is invited to learn the truth about the people's heroes. I read this artistic and journalistic lump and now I will try to share my impressions. Tell only about the main hooking me points.Boris Grebenshikov I perceived solely as a person who has become something of a myth or legend, magic is something that can be difficult to touch. Kushnir revealed him as a man. Not good or bad, just human. Without the hoax of the image, but with the gradual unwinding of the mystery around him. Tumble into the head about it, as in the deep philosophy of life, not dull, the actual philosophy with a separation from reality, but damn applicable to it. Now I live in anticipation of the next hit from BG, which confirms the timelessness of this musician, as a phenomenon.With Ilya Lagutenko, in my opinion, Kushnir had been treated very harshly. This final Chapter about him I just wasn't expecting. The whole head was filled with touching love for creativity Lagutenko, interesting facts from his life during the rise of the group "Mumiy Troll", just heart-breaking candor in a documentary outlining the difficult moments of the biography of the group. There is even transcribed from cassettes audio-letters of Lagutenko to Kushnir, in which the leader of the "Trolls" in his Martian language making sketches from the event during the first tour. A real feast for fans of Lagutenko. Only... in the final and asks the question: what are you, Alexander? I, of course, your guesses on this account, they all revolve around petty revenge, around the scandal for scandal, around attempts to give the text a Hyper-candor... But still.Chapter about Maxim Fadeev I was going to skip without reading. Maybe from the fact that once, when I called Fadeev for the comment he said to me: "I gave you your phone? No? That's when the ladies, and then call," and hung up. Maybe because I was never a fan of any project Fadeeva. Perhaps the reason that his group "Silver", now tearing the charts, gives me a long-term headache... But journalistic curiosity overcame all, and I stuck your nose in 49 pages about this man. And, you know, after Kushnir in paints described the features of his creative nature and explained the motives of his closeness, I looked at his photo at the end of the Chapter with the heat. For this discovery, perhaps, thank you. And now I'm not sure that I will not call you late again for the comment, even if it's me your phone number and did not give.All the publicity around the release of the new album Zemfira "Thank you" (newspaper and magazine articles about Zemfira in August-September-October 2007) caused a strong aversion. In my view, Zemfira was obviously trying to stick to some ideal framework to be shaped print, without a single swear word to offer on a pedestal and be nailed to it platinum stud Dior by John Galliano. And Kushnir in his Chapter about Zemfira takes warm hands and turns the reader's head to where she began her ascent, what she was and what she was left. Not without a hint of bitterness and regret about his professional parting with her, but without revenge, as was the case with Lagutenko. In short, in the book "the Headliners" Zemfira live, who conquered nastasescu the whole country.Of Glucose to tell me not interested in all that concerns her, you can tell by the Chapter about Maxim Fadeev. Of course, it is interesting again to read about how to create a cartoon myth of Glucose, about who sings really... But it's not news. And depth, and soul, so exciting in other chapters, there is no. Because it does not have its cartoon.But the Maestro Leonid Burlakov finally revealed to the public completely, with every fiber of his soul producer. And the number of open a world of mysteries and secrets Chapter about him almost the most powerful. I wish I had not read it before the presentation of the book on the birthday of the author. And then you would approach the hero and asked something very incriminating.The last Chapter is about the poet "Nautilus" and just the poet Ilya Kormiltsev - the musical. It is written carefully, meticulously and with the soul, as the sky. His memory and dedicated to the book.Not to tell you about this book I couldn't, because the last few months have watched almost insane Alexander Kushnir we went to Africa there is something to write, endlessly edited some proposal, then a few hours signed photos. Another book I almost went out with a mistake in the title... well, nerve-wracking, was extraordinary. But even watching her from the side was pretty damn interesting, because people really lived by their labor around the clock.And who will replace Zemfira? In the heart of the main character of the book, the man whose name is the may tea, it's taken a talented singer Tatyana Zykina. Many who heard her say that her voice is like the voice of Zemfira, some say even better. After the presentation of the book in the club "16 tons" was held the first electronic concert Zykina in Moscow. The first public concert of the new project, which Kushnir lives. By the way, the first concert of Zemfira took place in the same club. And here you can think about contingencies and nesluchainosti in the life of any, even the most talented artist.

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