Angelina Vovk `outdated` as TV presenter

Angelina Vovk `outdated` as TV presenterFamous TV presenter angelina Vovk virtually excluded from participation in the program "song of the year". Now transmit will be TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and singer Sergey Lazarev.We will remind, until recently the undisputed top of the "Songs" were angelina Vovk and Eugene Menchov. But last year the situation has changed.When working on the program attracted Alla Pugacheva, the former wheel drive went out of business. During the filming of "Song of the year-2006" Alla Borisovna has behaved strangely: Vovk and Menshova she offered to announce the release of the artists behind the scenes, appearing on the stage.Presenters were extremely offended. Because they, along with Pugacheva preparing for the program, prepared remarks, but in the end they didn't even let out to the public."Unable to endure the humiliation of it, we just drove away," recalls Eugene Menchov."It was a public slap in the face, - expressed his opinion angelina Vovk.In her view, the conflict occurred because of the fact that Pugachev as "revenge" for all the time that the public broadcaster would not let her on the "Song of the year".She Alla didn't talk with the now former leading "Song of the year", writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". This year she just wasn't invited Menshov and Vovk lead the program, a record which will take place on 9 December in a "Olympic"."Leading concert will be Lera and singer Sergey Lazarev," said Joe."Yes, Zhenya will not this year leading "Song of the year. And why Alla Borisovna we weren't invited, I don't know," said angelina Vovk. Source: angelina Vovk "outdated" as a television presenter.

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