Beckham was pleased with nudity gay magazine

Beckham was pleased with nudity gay magazine In the Internet appeared photos Nude footballer David Beckham, who allegedly were removed for the American monthly gay magazine Attitude, according to tgcom.Photos have not yet entered in the journal, so there have been doubts about whether or not they are for gay publications, or were made for other purposes.In any case, even if the photo comes out, there would be nothing strange, because the footballer in his time was awarded the title of "idol gays", and he declared that is very glad this title.However, we cannot exclude that these photos may be fake, as well as those that appeared in April, depicting a football player, "crucified" in the Nude. Later it turned out that the head football player was taken from a picture of 2004, but everything else was not his, including the penis. Source: Beckham pleased with nudity gay magazine (photo).

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