Family Dedyushko pursued by ill fate

Family Dedyushko pursued by ill fateThe tragedy that occurred on 3 November at 22.15 109-kilometer route Moscow - Ufa, shocked the whole country. Died in an accident a wonderful actor Alexander Dedyushko together with his wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima. Before the house was a hundred kilometers...Our correspondents visited the small Belarusian town of Volkovysk, the birthplace of Alexander, where in each house of the death of this man is perceived as a personal grief.Close to the actor, people remember that he had dreamed of comedic characters and categorically refused from movies where his character dies. And said: "I don't want to play my death!" And my mother admitted that will only play the main roles, or not removed at all.Classmate Dedyushko Yuri Kuksa wonders how his friend could have died behind the wheel.- Sanka driven a car since ninth grade! He's the ACE in the autobody! How could this happen?! Now I caught myself thinking that talking about him in present tense. Differently still does not work. We had been driving in the school plant. Sanya was a guy risky and hard-nosed with that in mind, certainly tried to achieve. I in the childhood knew - lived in the same house, played football. He always tried to be first.I remember the day we drove with him on our bikes and drove to a small mountain in our city. Sanya I was asked to get off of this mountain. I then folded, and he famously slid down. Among the witnesses of this scene is just breath caught. And he stands at the bottom, happily laughing and shouting to me: "It's so great. Good cheer!" He spent his entire childhood doing that dared.Childhood he was heavy: grew up without a father. The mother is very difficult trip with my brother to raise, she worked as a seller, lived a wealthy life, but he never worries about his not told, and helped her mother. In the summer, when we began a vacation, it was time for an outside job. He could not even to Moscow right after school to go to do. There was no money. Sasha remained in our city and got a job as a car mechanic, to save up on the road and my mother money to leave.Death chooses the bestAccording to his school teachers, a former student Dedyushko was one of those who were the core of the class. Without his participation was not school holidays, concerts, collecting scrap metal.The idea B. Yakovlev, classroom teacher Dedyushko, recalls: "he was very confident and honest boy.Sometimes nervous before the next school event, especially when guests were invited. And he would come and say, "Well, that's you! Now quit worrying! We won't let you down". He studied, not brilliant, but solid Quartet. He always went to clubs and sports.His first school teacher Lyudmila Gavrilovna semancik-Fomina Dedyushko remember the bright-eyed child:- If after the bell the door swung open and the student flew over the threshold, without a doubt, it was Sasha. When we go somewhere on a trip, Sasha has only manage to watch. His death knocked us all off track. Now, where in the city can't go anywhere without hearing his name. A boy from a small town has made all for himself, without the protГ©gГ©. When he came to town, all of us talked. Any stardom. You will not hear about him here a bad word, and it's not because of the dead made to speak only good. He really was a man of rare integrity.Rights was Vysotsky, when chanted: "Death to the best picks and pulls one by one." I don't remember my colleagues called for some pranks Sasha's mother to school. He couldn't get it to fail, because of stronger authority for him there. She had never raised her voice, but was brought up in severity. He has since childhood been taught to respect a woman. Girls who studied with him, can confirm that he forever portfolios they pulled. When I met Elena Vladimirovna, she just glowed with happiness. You have to think, because her son had achieved everything he was striving for. It is, except their sun, is not called. How is she going to live?My son believed in GodAlexander's mother, 82-year-old Elena, when we struggled to hold on.- My children, come on - she invited us. - You are also someone's children. I can refuse to talk to me? You're travelling from afar.Immediately offered to have coffee with sweets and biscuits.- Help yourself, remember my son. I had a very kind boy. I used to come home from work and he tells me right there at the table calls. I go to the kitchen, and there he was all covered in flour, but happy that mom pancakes baked. And those pancakes were on the water. We then lived no matter. I'm one of his boys was raised. He himself track shot, no he didn't helped.I had saved as two hundred rubles, came to him in Gorky, where he studied. Wanted to see how he got there, and buy what he needs, but my son did not allow a single penny to spend on it.

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