Sobchak for 10 thousand Euro jumped out of the cake

Sobchak for 10 thousand Euro jumped out of the cake She gave the Director a fine dining restaurant as a stripper. 10 000 euros Ksenia Sobchak in a sexy negligee jumped out of the birthday cake, pre-presentation to the owner of one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg in honor of the birthday of the institution.We were the first who were able to buy Ksusha as a gift - proudly confessed restaurant Manager Svetlana R. - And absolutely not regret about. For a tidy sum that we paid Sobchak, she agreed to fulfill all our cherished desires.The emergence of Xenia at the ceremony carefully concealed from invitee.- Wanted to make everyone a pleasant surprise, " says Svetlana. - Long thought to bring to the stage secular lioness, and then decided " let him jump out of the cake! Ksenia initially refused to do it, but when we added a few thousand to its fee, agreed.CakeThe organizers ' idea was a success. The audience just gasped in surprise when Sobchak appeared from fake chic cake that is rolled out onto the middle of the hall.Happy birthday, my favorite restaurant! - sexually purred into the microphone Xenia and gracefully curving, out of the box in the form of a delicious culinary products.- We wanted it and even danced a Striptease, but money is, unfortunately, already is not enough, said the administrator.XeniaKsenia Sobchak all night tirelessly entertained the guests.- Well, come, come to me, my tender beast, shill for She liked her men from the audience. She without hesitation "seduced" them, sexy bending and releasing ambiguous jokes.- I love this restaurant - admitted at the end of the evening Sobchak. - I'm here with my first fiance be engaged!"Well, let's eat cake," suggested socialite, pointing to a real cake, which rolled out the waiters.- He certainly is not as tasty as the one from which I got, is sexually licking his finger, said a glamorous diva, but still nothing. Help yourself! Source: Sobchak for 10 thousand Euro jumped out of the cake (photo).

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