Helena Bonham-Carter gave birth to a daughter between filming

Helena Bonham-Carter gave birth to a daughter between filmingBritish actress Helena Bonham-Carter, wife of the famous Director Tim Burton, last Saturday gave birth to a daughter. The girl was born in London. This is the second child in the family of the actress and her husband. The couple's eldest son Billy for 4 years.The second pregnancy was 41-year-old actress is not so easy. In the latest issue of Playboy magazine Helena says that he learned about his interesting position in time during the filming of taken based on the musical picture of Sweeney Todd, directed by the husband of the actress Tim Burton.Because of natural changes in the figure of Helena Bonham Carter on the set had a lot of problems. As you know, some scenes of the films are in different order, so careful people will find in the picture a lot of "mistakes"."I start to walk with big Tits, then I go up the stairs, and suddenly again ocaseys with Breasts the size of a tangerine," says the actress. - From melons to oranges".This year, Helena Bonham-Carter has another achievement, albeit less important than the birth of his daughter, but very meaningful. The actress was nominated for a Golden globe for her role in Sweeney Todd. By the way, Tim Burton himself has also been nominated for the prestigious award, according to Reuters. Source: Helena Bonham-Carter gave birth to a daughter between filming.

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