The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing stars

The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing starsThey meet with supermodels and make millions on the promotional tour. Their names are known to all. However, as mere mortals, fabulously wealthy celebrities concerned about the problems associated with health, writes Forbes.According to a survey recently conducted among attorneys actors and musicians, most of their customers are afraid of the problems associated with heart disease. Also concerns among celebrities causes cancer. Meanwhile, most of the stars deem necessary constant trips to the gym to keep fit.A large number of stars are afraid of mental illness and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the fear of the celebrities the opportunity to get injured in the accident, and complications after plastic surgery.The survey was conducted by Prince & associates, engaged in research in the field of health. The organization conducted a survey of 203 attorneys for the purpose to put the data in the book Fame & Fortune: Maximizing Celebrity Wealth, who will speak on the health 353 actors and musicians.All stars, honor attorneys participated in the survey, more than 25 years, and their condition is estimated in excess of $ 10 million. Eventually it was revealed that 56% of celebrities use the services of a psychoanalyst. Approximately the same percentage of times a week visit a personal trainer. One in four celebrity resort to exotic treatments such as hormone therapy or treatments using stem cells to prolong youth.34% of musicians called mental illness the worst of their fears. For comparison, only 3% of ordinary people are afraid to go crazy. In addition, celebrities are extremely worried about the possibility of Contracting STDs such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and many others. 21% of the actors and 35% of musicians called genital infections greatest fear concerning their health. Only 7% of ordinary citizens so scared of STDs. 42% of musicians are afraid of accidents related to accidents and plane crashes.Three-quarters of TV and movie stars exercise regularly to keep fit. In addition, 70% of the actors admitted that they resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. 77,5% plan to go under the knife in the next three years. Meanwhile, only 34% of American women and 18% of men would agree to plastic surgery, having the opportunity. Source: Ranking of diseases, constantly disturbing stars.

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